Faith, Survival Tips, Bushcraft, Preparedness, Homesteading

Faith, Survival Tips, Bushcraft, Preparedness, Homesteading, Books


Life is one big adventure


Yes, this is me in winter - fox fur cape, warm gloves, looking for tracks in the forest. We don't want bears near the cabin.

Deep snow, cold winters


So pretty, but snow in May - every year - is not always so fun. By this time I'm ready for sun!

Flerkey the Turkey


What? Doesn't everybody have a pet turkey? She was a rescue from the feed store, picked on by the other baby turkeys, placed with baby chickens, and adopted by me.  

Green eggs do exist!


And they are delicious. Our chickens are free range through the warm months of the year, and they are warm and well cared for through the winter. Yes, I love my chickies and their green eggs!

Wood makes me smile


Cause it keeps me warm all winter. It takes around 8 full cords of wood to heat the cabin through the long cold months of winter, so wood is a good thing.

Built in 1909


Our cabin in a national forest! And if you looks close you'll see a cow out front. It's not mine but they're welcome here all the same. This is our forest life and our forest home. Hope you learn a few survival tips while you're here!

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